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Mission Statement


Our Mission Statement

As a family, we learn, support and care for one another in God’s love.

We reach for the stars.

May your life in this world be a happy one.


Christ/Gospel Values


  1. We aim to create a peaceful and tolerant environment where we promote dignity and humility.
  2. We aim to provide opportunities for children to understand and show compassion and forgiveness.
  3. To encourage and support parents to work with us, promoting and reinforcing the values of honesty and fairness.



  • Inviting classrooms
  • Providing quiet outdoor areas
  • Classroom rules
  • Friendship groups
  • Buddy Bench
  • Buddy System
  • School Council
  • Anti-Bullying week
  • Health & Safety week
  • Circle time
  • Assemblies
  • Prayer and reflection
  • Fundraising
  • Playground rules
  • Positive behaviour policy
  • Classroom rules
  • Lent/Advent
  • Welcome parents
  • Home/School Agreement
  • Assembly
  • ‘Bring your parent to school’ day
  • Sacrament of reconciliation
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