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St. Bridget's Catholic Primary School

I pledge to give my best, value the whole child and remember small things matter. I pledge to always do my best to listen and support children, to enable them to learn to the best of their ability and ensure their happiness. I pledge to try to work with love and patience. I pledge to teach children to love and to love to teach with all my heart. I pledge to try to listen more than I speak. I pledge to work together to support and nurture each individual to become the best they can be. I pledge to make time in class to discuss and demonstrate the importance of school values with the children. I pledge to be a positive teacher to have a positive influence on the children in my class and my colleagues. I pledge to treat all children equally, helping them to realise their full potential with pride. I pledge to guide the children in my care towards being the best that they can be. I pledge to create an atmosphere that is filled with love, joy, laughter and happiness. A place where you can leave your troubles behind. I pledge to always try my best to be a good listener and be there for the children so they feel they can turn to me for support. I pledge to be a positive and motivating role model. I pledge to always listen. To ensure all of the children in my care feel valued and loved. I pledge to always lead by example and create an inclusive environment for all to blossom in. I pledge to create a warm, loving atmosphere with God at the centre. I pledge to ensure that every child I work with achieves their full potential in whatever they do. I pledge to be kind and patient to everyone. I pledge to be the guardian angel and to be the best I can be. I pledge to lead by applying my own set of values: love, happiness, respect and care. I pledge to be supportive and value everyone. I pledge to help the school meet its mission by enacting my role with respect, to value others and to the best of my ability. I pledge to pray for and promote the school community in all it hopes, joys and sorrows. I pledge to support the mission statement by promoting the effective and efficient use of the school’s resources in keeping with its fundamental values. I pledge to work as a team member for the good of each person within the school. I pledge to use my qualities to support pupils and staff at St.Bridget’s and to be an active governor in the school. I pledge to be a critical friend to school staff, using my skills and knowledge to ensure St.Bridget’s is a safe and happy learning environment for all pupils and staff. I pledge to lead by applying my own set of values: love, happiness, respect and care.

With Christ at the centre and children at the heart,

we learn to love and love to learn.

Our aim

  • To educate and provide each child with high quality teaching and learning opportunities within a stimulating and interactive environment.
  • To promote a philosophy of self-belief based upon mutual respect and collaboration within a caring, safe and stable environment.
  • To celebrate the good news of Jesus on our journey of faith and understanding.
  • To empower children and be responsible citizens enabling them to make informed choices and pursue a fulfilled and active role in school, at home, in the parish and in the wider community.

Useful Links

St Bridget's Parish Website -  https://www.st-stephens-warrington.co.uk/

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