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Year 1

Year 1 have been investigating materials that are waterproof to find which would be most suitable for making the queen's umberella. 

Year 1 have been exploring our local grounds to see which common wild flowers they could find. There were lots of daisies, poppies, daffodils and buttercups for the children to discover and explore.

Year 2

What is inside of a seed? This was the question that Year Two were asked today and we discussed our predictions, using what we had learnt so far. Take a look at Year Two dissecting seeds to find out first hand the structure of a seed.

Year Two have been investigating that some materials can change shape. We explored a range of materials to see which materials can be bent, twisted, stretched and squashed. 

Year Two have been investigating the importance of good hygiene. We carried out an observation over time. Take a look at our results...


Year 3

Year 3 have been investigating how things move on different surfaces in Science today! We conducted a fair test investigation to find out how friction would act on a toy car travelling over different surfaces.

Year Three have been learning all about Light. Today we explored what shadows are. We went outside to investigate how they are formed. The children loved exploring how different objects made different shadows.

Year 4

We have been learning about electricity in Year 4. Today the children were challenged to make a complete circuit. The children enjoyed working as a team to make their lightbulb shine.

Today we learnt about the digestion system by making poo! The children enjoyed learning about what happens to the food we eat in a practical and memorable way.


Today we explored our school grounds to find a variety of living things. We used classification keys to sort the plants and animals that we found.

Year 5

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