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At St. Bridget’s we want all our children to be motivated to learn by a rich, creative enjoyable curriculum related to their needs and the wider requirements of society. Our intention is to develop and provide a broad and high quality Maths curriculum which promotes competence and confidence across all areas of Mathematics. In our work in Mathematics at St. Bridget’s we are always striving for excellence and want to inspire children to do the same. Please see the policies below for more detail.



Children at St Bridget's love maths. This attitude shines through whenever we talk to children about maths.

Children leave St Bridget's with a firm grasp of the fundamental skills of maths: understanding of place value and confidence with calculation. This is done through rigorous daily teaching of these basic skills.

Revisiting learning from previous topics and previous years helps children to make links and remember more.

Children are able to apply the mathematical knowledge they have learnt to solving problems.

We provide a level of challenge to motivate all learners in the class from children who may need additional support to our most capable mathematicians.




Curriculum links

As well as teaching maths lessons every day, there are also lots of opportunities to link our teaching of maths to other subjects.

In science children record and interpret data they have collected in tables.

Geography allows children the opportunity to look at maps using compass readings. Children are able to give clear and accurate directions using mathematical language.

In art children use geometric shapes while their DT work requires precise measurements of length, width and angles.

Useful websites

Below are some websites you might find useful to help your child develop their maths skills outside of school.

Times Tables Rockstars - practise your tables in a fun competetive way

Numbots - a game for KS1 children to learn addition and subtraction facts in a competitive and engaging way

Topmarks - a whole range of games for all ages covering the maths curriculum

BBC KS1 - a range of teaching tools and games for year 1 and year 2

BBC KS2 - a range of teaching tools and games for years 3, 4, 5 and 6



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