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Van Gogh Alive Experience

Children from St Bridget’s thoroughly enjoyed the Vincent Van Gogh Alive Art Exhibition at Media City. They learnt about his artwork from a multi-sensory experience - looking at how colour and music can show feelings and emotions.

Charles from Year 3 said “This is the best trip ever!

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Workshops with Artist Tina Ramos Ekongo

Born in Equatorial New Guinea, Tina is a painter and illustrator who works in Manchester. Her vibrant and challenging work is being exhibited at Pyramid Arts Centre in a show called “Muado” from 25th October to 17th December and forms part of the Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival 2022. Tina’s work is inspired by the surrealist and feminist Mexican artist Frida Khalo.

Portrait Drawing workshop 1.5 hours: Facial proportions and sketching techniques/tips.

Portrait Painting workshop 1.5 hours: Primary colours, theory, light and shadows techniques- acrylic paints.


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