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Our Learning Charter 2022-23



With children at the heart, St Bridget's intent for RSHE is to deliver a cohesive, balanced and relevant curriculum that helps children understand and value how they fit into and contribute as citizens of the world.

Alongside our SMSC and safeguarding policies, we aim for RSHE is to build resilience and nurture mental and physical health as we support children to advance their emotional awareness, concentration and focus.


In line with our whole school Catholic ethos and safeguarding policies, we have developed our curriculum understanding based on the three core themes of the PSHE Association Programme of Study for PSHE education: health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world. Alongside Journey in Love, we use Jigsaw- The Mindful Approach to PSHE to offer a comprehensive programme for statutory RSHE and PSHE. 

This is sequenced in a spiral, progressive and fully planned curriculum, giving children relevant learning experiences to help them navigate their world and to develop positive relationships with themselves and others by supporting their emotional literacy, social skills and spiritual development in a comprehensive scheme of learning. 

The children cover all aspects of the RSHE curriculum over their academic year under the following themes:

  • Aut 1: Being Me in My World
  • Aut 2: Celebrating Difference (including anti-bullying)
  • Spr 1: Dreams and Goals
  • Spr 2: Healthy Me
  • Sum 1: Relationships
  • Sum 2: Journey in Love

Every lesson has two Learning Intentions, one specific to Relationships and Health Education (PSHE) and the other designed to develop emotional literacy and social skills.

Each lesson is built upon a Charter which underpins the behaviour and respect that is the basis for each lesson and children have worked to develop our Whole School Learning Charter which we live out alongside our Catholic ethos.

Lessons consist of 6 parts to ensure that the learning follows the optimum progression.

  • Connect Us
  • Calm Me
  • Open My Mind
  • Tell Me, Show Me
  • Let Me Learn
  • Closure/ Self Assessment

Alongside our curriculum, we promote our children as upstanding citizens through our School Council, Anti- Bullying Ambassadors, Junior Safety Officers and raise awareness through Anti- Bullying Week, Children's Mental Health week and NSPCC Pants.


Children will develop positive and healthy relationship with their peers both now and in the future.

Children will understand the physical aspects involved in RSHE at an age appropriate level.

Children will have respect for themselves and others.

Children will have positive body images.

Children will know how to keep themselves safe physically, mentally and technologically.

A Journey in Love

As a Catholic School within the Archdiocese of Liverpool, we have adopted ‘A Journey in Love’, a programme to support the non-statutory teaching of Relationships and Sex Education.
The programme is authentic to the teaching of the Catholic Church and is intended to support teachers and parents in Catholic schools to enable holistic growth of children.
As the first educators, parents/ carers are the key people who will teach children about relationships. It is hoped that ‘A Journey in Love’ will complement this teaching in an age appropriate way.
Each topic contains an emotional, social and spiritual aspect to educate the children wholesomely throughout their relationships journey in school. 
In the Spring term a parent's meeting was held to provide information to parents on our school policy and how we teach A Journey in Love at St Bridget's. The powerpoint and supporting parent's information leaflet can be found below. 

Knowledge Organisers

Long Term Plan

Long term plan PSHE(1)

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