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History and Geography

History Geography

History and Geography at St. Bridget's


Our intent for History and Geography at St. Bridget's is to provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum that ensures the progressive development of historical and geographical concepts, knowledge and skills and foster a deep love and interest for both subjects.


We have developed purposeful long term plans to progressively build on children's historical and geographical knowledge and skills.

In History, plans are organised chronologically and progressively to take children on a learning journey through their time with us at St Bridget's so that they begin by looking at their own living memories and that of their families and then cover from the stone age to the modern era.

In Geography, children build on their knowledge and concepts of the world to study every 'corner' of the globe and all of its wonders. 

This is embedded alongside thematic days, educational visits, field work and cross curricular links to other subjects. 


Children will

  • Know more, understand more and remember more about History, Geography and the world.
  • Children will develop a range of life skills which they can use and develop beyond school life and become independent thinkers who are excited and inspired by their past and their culture.
  • Children will display confidence and enjoyment in History and Geography.
  • Children will use and apply skills across the curriculum, make meaningful connections in purposeful contexts and have an understanding about the local area and some of the challenges and achievements that have shaped where we live.
  • Through various fieldwork activities, enquiry questions and themed units of work children have the understanding that geography has impacted upon our lives.



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