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International Day of Languages - 26th September 2018

At St.Bridget's, we celebrated the International Day of Languages with a whole school focus on French activities.

Early Years and Key Stage 1

Reception learned the words and actions to "The Wheels on the bus". They also listened to a funny story about Leon the Chameleon by author Frederic Bourdin.

Year One created the French flag using coloured straws. Also learning colours in French to create a rainbow.

Year Two learnt the days of the week and created pictures of the Eiffel tower using charcoal.



Key Stage Two

Year Three were discovering French landmarks, from the Tour D'Eiffel to L'Arc de Triomphe. They also learnt how to hold simple conversations with each other.

Year Four learnt the names of French foods and even made up their own cafe menu. Counting up to thirty was also one of the activites that they enjoyed.

Year Five had quite an experience tasting a variety of French foods. Brioche and brie were amost the popular foods that were sampled whilst some were more keen to keep the snails in their shells!

Year Six were again sampling french foods and finding out how to order food in a French restaurant.

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