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P.E and School Sport

Our Vision for P.E

At St. Bridget's Catholic Primary School, we are committed to raising the standards of P.E and School Sport. We believe in the importance and value of high quality P.E in order to promote pupils' enthusiasm and lifelong participation in physical activity.

This vision is to be achieved with the following aims - 

Promote participation in physical activity through enthusiasm, enjoyment and success.
Promote physical development e.g. health and strength.
Develop an understanding of the body’s needs and the effects of physical activity thus promoting a healthy lifestyle.
Improve awareness of health and safety procedures.
Provide the following range of activities: gymnastics; dance; games; swimming; athletics and outdoor adventure; as well as general skills to progress coordination and fitness.
Provide pupils with the opportunity to lead activities and evaluate their own performances as well as those of their peers.

See below for the current Health and Safety Policy in relation to P.E, the current Long and Medium Term plans for P.E at St Bridget's, our current P.E Action Plan and how we have spent our Sport Grant Funding.

Sporting Success out of School!

St. Bridget's children also participate in a number of different sporting activities outside of school. Every week during our reward assembly we celebrate their efforts, progress and achievements. Have a look through the gallery to see just how sporty and active they are!


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