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History and Geography


History is delivered through our bright and engaging creative curriculum. Our children begin their  journey through time in Year One with changes in their own living memory and continue to explore and progress through topics such as The Great Fire of London, Ancient Civilisations, The Romans and Mayans. 

We aim to inspire children's curiosity and equip them to think critically, weigh evidence and develop their own perspectives and judgement. 

'Geography has made us neighbours. History has made us friends.'- John F. Kennedy


Geography is taught through our creative curriculum with exciting topics that allow their skills to shine. Children begin their learning locally, wondering 'Where Can the Naughty Bus Take Us?' and go on to study everything from rainforests to seasides. They learn about the causes of natural disasters and look at the continents of Europe and America. 

We aim to fascinate the children about the world they live in and deepen their understanding between physical and human geography and how it has shaped our landscapes.

Our Vision

 At St. Bridget’s History and Geography are two pillars which support the development of our students in becoming citizens of the world.
They inspire a curiosity and fascination that helps lead children to their own identity by discovering the diversity of the Earth and the people who have shaped its landscapes and society. They enable children to develop their own perspectives, without bias or prejudice and help them make responsible choices for the challenges they may face.
Subject knowledge is interwoven throughout the curriculum subjects whilst key skills in investigation are taught discretely. This balanced approach ensures children develop a deep contextual understanding alongside the ability to think critically, evaluate and make informed decisions for a sustainable future. 

Anglo Saxons versus Vikings!

Year Five paid a visit to Weaver Hall where they met Ceolwulf, the resident Saxon and learnt how his ancestors settled and invaded in 'North Wic', in 975. 

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