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Reading at Home

There is a lot of evidence and sudies which show that reading at home with parents can significantly improve a child's level of reading.  This website shows all the facts about the levels that children read at and how they can improve by regular reading at home.

Reading Racetrack

The 'Reading Racetrack' was introduced to show how many books children read at home. In KS2 , because their books are much longer, we can look at how many chapters children have read. Every time a parent signs to say that their child has read a chapter or read a book, the child moves their name up a place on the 'Reading Racetrack'

There are prizes at regular intervals along the racetrack.

At the end of the school year, the children who have won the race in each class will be put into a draw for a brand new Kindle.


Home Reading Bags

Children should be taking their reading bags home every night. If you need a new bag they are for sale in the main office.

Books will be changed twice a week and there will be a reading record book for you to note down anything you notice about your chid's reading or to write down any questions you would like to ask the teacher about reading.

Booklet for Parents

The booklet below will give you lots of ideas about types of questions you can ask your child when you're reading with them and activities you can do with them.

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