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The intent of the DT Curriculum at St Bridget's is to provide opportunities for the children to learn, apply and strengthen essential skills required in the designing, making and evaluating of an effective product for a given purpose.

It is also the intent of the DT Curriculum to ensure that the children are well-equipped with useful technical knowledge to support them in the design and making of their product. 

Furthermore, the school aims to develop the children’s use and understanding of technical vocabulary associated with this subject. This is so that the children can articulate the skills that they have applied, the equipment that they have used and describe the material/s and features of the product that they have made


From Year 1 upwards, the children will engage in DT topics which will involve the children; researching, designing, making, technical knowledge/skills and evaluating.

Research: The children will carry out research regarding the product that they are going to make. This reseach can be used to support their final design.

Technical knowldge/skills: The children engage in a practical activity of practising technical knowledge or skill that they will be required to use when making their product. 

Designing: The children will draw/sketch their design and annotate this with information about their design such as, what features they have included in their design.

The children will also need to consider the following: materials, tools and technical skills needed to complete the product

Making: The children will make their product whilst refering to their design and using the appropriate skills/methods. 

Evaluating: The children will evaluate the effectiveness of their product and the skills that they applied.


The intended impact of the DT Curriculum is that the majority of children in each year group  make good progression.

In addition, it is the intended impact that the children:

  • are inspired by the DT Curriculum and want to learn more.
  • show the progression in their skills, knowledge and understanding in the work in their books.
  • can discuss their learning and remember what they have learnt.

Design Technology in action at St Bridget's 

Food Technology

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Progression of DT at St Bridget's 

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Design Technology Policy

Design Technology National Curriculum

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