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Covid advice for Parents

It’s lovely to welcome the children back to school  with all their stories about the Christmas holidays. All too often though, those stories have included tales about family members who had caught Covid over the period. We wish you all the best as you manage recovery and staying safe.
We currently have several children who have tested positive for Covid and are self-isolating at home. They are drawn from almost all year groups across the school. In such circumstances, we are advised to share with you a ‘warn and inform’ letter, which you will find attached to this message. I am anticipating more children to test positive in the coming weeks and unless the ‘warn and inform’ letter is updated in the light of further national or local developments, I will not send you one each time I have a report of a child testing positive but ask you to be continually aware of the need to be vigilant.

Covid-19 Information

The Department for Education and Public Health England have issued updated guidance for education settings on COVID-19. This guidance will assist staff in addressing COVID-19 in educational settings. This includes childcare, schools, further and higher educational institutions.

The updated guidance can be found here:

DfE Isolation Guidance January 2022

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