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Ebrington, Northern Ireland

St Bridget’s has enjoyed a partnership with Ebrington Primary School in Derry for a number of years. Our school logos have been blended to symbolise the two schools coming together in friendship. Thursday 23rd April saw the fourth visit of staff and pupils from St Bridget’s to Ebrington. The visit is the culmination of a year long programme of joint activities including video messages and the exchange of cards at Christmas, Easter and St Bridget’s Day. On the day of the visit, the children met their link class before being taken out into the community to enjoy visits to the museum, a tour of the city and the chance to socialise at the bowling alley and eat together before flying home. The visit to Ebrington is something that the children look forward to all year and this year we were lucky to bring 9 children, more than the usual 6. The children made new friends during this visit and enjoyed the activities immensely. The children of St Bridget’s will now work together with the rest of the class on project work based on the history of Derry, using the museum visit and the city tour as the basis of their research. We look forward to continuing the partnership and strengthening the link between our schools. St Bridget’s will be thrilled to welcome children and staff from Ebrington next year as we look to make the visit a two way exchange.


It was exciting to go on the open top bus to learn about the history of Derry with the paintings on the buildings. Gerry from Derry was really funny. (Marcel Y5, St Bridget’s)

The city bus tour was amazing! It was my first time on a bus that had an open top roof and I had good fun with the children from Ebrington. (Patryk Y5, St Bridget’s)

I met lots of new friends like Leah and Ebonie and some of them came on the bus tour with us. Thank you for making our day the best day ever! (Aimee Y5, St Bridget’s)

I had a great time last Thursday. We walked over the Peace Bridge to get to the Tower Museum, it was so much fun. (Mia Y5 St Bridget’s)

We had to get up really early to fly to Derry where I made some new friends. We went bowling, visited the Peace Bridge and had a tour of the city which was really cold! (Luke Y5 St Bridget’s)

I had fun at Ebrington. We went over the Peace Bridge and on the city tour I got to talk to my new friends. (Calum Y5 St Bridget’s)

Last Thursday we went on the Peace Bridge and had a tour of the city. It had good facts about the city. After that we went bowling. I didn’t want to home. (Joe Y5 St Bridget’s)

We had to get up super early for our flight to Ebrington. We went on a city bus tour and the best bit was when we went over Foyle Bridge but it was scary! I met some good friends, thank you Ebrington for an amazing day. (John Y5 St Bridget’s)

The city bus tour was really fun and I learnt lots. I enjoyed playing on the park and going bowling. I wish I could go again. (Natalie Y5 St Bridget’s)


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