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As well as your child's maths revsion books, which can be dipped in and out of at any time, here are some arithmetic sheets to practise basic skills. Children should aim to complete one every 2 days along with practise in their revsion books and working through the past papers povided below.


In writing we have been looking at balanced arguments. Children should introduce the question, give both sides of the argument then give their own opinion.

Week 1 - Should children only watch one hour of television per week?

Week 2 - Should Macbeth have killed king Duncan? videos from bbc

Spelling and grammar

Grammar - work through the revision booklet.

Science, History, Geography

The documents at the top of the page contain a range of ideas.

In science we have been looking at electricity.

In history we have been looking at the the Tudors and Shakespeare.

In geography, look at maps of the world and locate continents, capital cities etc.

Outdoor Learning and Forest Schools

Below are loads of fun, easy activities to do outdoors!

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