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The Learning Project documents below, contain an outline of the activities your child is expected to do while at home. There are copies of worksheets that are suitable for the majority of children in Year 6. You do not need to print off the worksheets if you don't want to, you can simply answer questions in your excersise books provided. If you feel your child would not be able to access these please contact me via my email and I will recommend alternative provision.

For more online education resources to help your child learn at home please visit:


Many thanks for supporting you child's learning in these difficult times and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me by my email address and I will reply as promptly as possible during school hours.

Thank You

Mr Calderbank

Week 7 and 8 Home Learning Projects


During this time, mental wellbeing is more important than ever. Try some of the activities included in this plan:

English - Writing

Please complete the daily English lesson from BBC Bitesize. Lessons can be found here:

english bbc

In response to your comments we have changed some of our writing activities. Over the next two weeks please work through the activities in this booklet alongside the above lessons.

English - Reading and Comprehension

Try to complete the comprehension activities provided and use Reading Plus.


Silly Summer Reading Challenge

silly squad(6)

Encourage your child to read a book on Oxford Owl , discuss what your child enjoyed about the book. Ask your child how different characters felt at different points in the story or why the characters acted the way they did.

Other books are also availiable on:

Love Reading 4 Kids - Free to sign up, lots of great books plus a children's zone with competitions.

Collins Big Cat - Login: parents@harpercollins.co.uk       Password:Parents20!

Open Library - Free sign up

Audible - Listen to stories free

Storyline Online - Listen to great stories read by different famous people

Complete One of these comprehensions every 2 days:


Mermaid Folklore


Biomes of North America

Inheritance and Evolution

Weird and Wonderful Marine Life

English Spelling

Please learn 2 spellings a day, 10 a week.


We will continue following the daily lessons on the BBC Bitesize home learning page. Please complete the lesson each day.

bbc bitesize(11)

Play TT Rockstars at least 3x per week




I would like you to continue your project about the amazing continent of Africa.

Possible research questions:

  • What are the countries in Africa? Label them on a map.
  • Use an atlas or map to label capital cities and major rivers.
  • Pick a country in Africa or a region (eg Sahara, rainforest, Savannah):
    • What are the physical features?
    • What is it's climate?
    • How does it compare to other parts of the continent?
    • What is the human geography of the region? (Cities and monuments)
    • Look at the unique animals which call Africa home and those that are unfortunately close to extinction.
    • Find out about a famous person from Africa.

Some suggested activities:

  • ‚ÄčColour and label a map of the countries
  • Create a fact file or brochure for your chose contry/region.
  • Look at the art of Africa and create your own pieces inspired by that.
  • Create a report about an Animal that lives in Africa.
  • Write a persuasive letter to protect and endangered species.

Compete the quiz to assess how much you have learnt.

Feel free to send me completed projects or photos of them via email.



I would like you to continue project about healthy living and exercise. 

You could create a poster explaining how to stay healthy and whey it is important for the body.

Conduct an investigation into the effects of exercise on our body. Compare the effect between different members of your family.


Come and See

Please complete page 17 and 18 of the home learning booklet.


Click on the picture link below to learn about computing.


Oak Academy - Extra Lessons

BBC Bitesize Daily - Extra Lessons

Classroom Secrets Kids

Home Learning Timetable


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