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Welcome to Year 6

Class Teacher: Mr Calderbank Teaching Assistant:Mrs Wright

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Curriculum Overview

Welcome to Year 6

Welcome back! We are delighted to have the opportunity to teach this lovely class for their final year with us. They worked extremely hard last year and will have to step it up even further this year with the upcoming Sats. We ensure that the children will achieve their best and we will be with them every step of the way. If you ever need to speak with either of us about anything, you can speak to us in class first thing or at the end of the school day. This year will involve lots of hard work for the staff and the children but we will also have time for some fun activities too.



Our PE day is like last year on a Monday. Please can we remind you that ALL children MUST have a full PE kit in school at all times. Long hair must be tied up at ALL times and no jewellery to be worn. If your child wears earrings, they must be able to remove them themselves before PE.



Last year, children and their parents/carers signed the "Power of Three Pledge". this stated that they would read 3 times a week, practise their spellings 3 times a week and also practise their times tables 3 times a week. This will continue this year and is very important for your child's progress.

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Bagel and a book

Families are welcome to join us for breakfast and enjoy sharing a book with the children in year 6 classroom. Come along from8.30am

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Hot dinner and snack

Hot dinners are £2.40 a day, please bring your money into school in a sealed envelope with your child's name on.

Snack is £2.50 per week, please bring your money into school in a sealed envelope with your child's name on. 

Snack for the week can ONLY be paid on a Monday.

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Trip money

Please remember to sign and bring in your permission slips along with your trip money as soon as possible. All trip money must be paid in a sealed envelope with your child's name on.

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Keeping in touch

We use our webpage (stbridgetscatholicprimaryschool.co.uk) and Facebook (St Bridget's Catholic Primary School) to keep in touch and to celebrate your child's learning journey. Keep your eyes peeled!


Class assembly

We have kicked off the start of the year with our class Come and See assembly all about Unconditional Love. We gave some examples of our work in which we told our own examples of unconditional love. Our narrators spoke clearly and with pride and we had a short role play based on the story of the Prodigal Son.

I'm sure that you were as proud as we were to see the confidence growing in Year 6 children.


Safety Central

Year 6 had our first school trip and visited Safety Central which is an interactive lifeskills education centre based in Lymm.

With it's four themed zones, we learnt how to stay safe and well at home, on the road and in our community.

We all certainly had our eyes opened to the dangers that are out there!


Mental Health Awareness Day

To raise awareness of mental health day yesterday 10th Oct, we dressed up in bright clothes and Yr6 enjoyed watching a powerpoint presentation on mental health and how we can show others how we are feeling. As a class, we came up with 6 things that we can do to help us feel good including talking to someone that we can trust, getting some fresh air, listening to music, keeping active, eating healthy and having a good night's sleep.

In the afternoon, yr6 took part in a calming yoga session with Lisa (who also takes an after school club). She showed us how we can use certain breathing techniques to stay calm and focused.


Chemistry with cabbage

Today Tuesday 22nd October, we enjoyed a full day of Chemistry with Cabbage. This involved watching and making lots of experiments using...cabbage! We found out that purple plants like red cabbage, turn red in acids and green in alkalis. Using different household products, we tested this theory adding a little product to our cabbage water sample.

Finding out also that acid is the opposite of alkali so that mixing the two makes a neutral.


Warrington museum and geography trip

We took part in a workshop at Warrington museum and comparing maps from years gone by. We then ventured into Queen's gardens to create our own maps of the area.


Health and wellness day January 2020

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