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Multiplication Tables Check

Year 4 - Multiplication Tables Check

The purpose of the MTC is to determine whether pupils can recall their times tables fluently, which is essential for future success in mathematics.

This would have been the week for all Year 4 pupils across the country to complete the statutory Multiplication Tables Check. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances they are unable to complete the official test.


I encourage Year 4 pupils to complete the Times Tables Rock Stars sheet.

You have 5 minutes to do your best.
In the boxes, write the answer you get when you multiply the number to the left by the number above.

You can access the sheet on the school website on the Year 4 page, or you can collect it from school with the home learning packs.

Please email me or post your scores to Facebook. You've worked really hard this year, lets keep it up and keep improving!!

This can be done on a weekly basis to monitor progress and to hopefully improve each week.

Miss Skerratt 

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