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Autumn Learning Journey

Beautiful artwork in the style of Penny Firehorse. The children used primary and secondary colours combined with different hues and shades to create the background

Computing lessons are great fun.Year 3 have enjoyed using QR codes to create their own ebooks. We are learning to be online detectives

Year 3 archaeologists have been learning about prehistory and the Stone Age by examining artefacts.

Year 3 Scientists investigating different types of rocks.

A marvellous museum visit to find out more about the Stone Age. Look at all those artefacts we explored! Even some role play to build shelters and create clothing. We really enjoyed the clay work!

Our British value of democracy is strong in Year 3. Voting for school councillors

Trim trail fun - challenging each other to travel in different ways

Using our knowledge of decomposition, rocks and soils to create compost. Mrs Watson isn't too sure of our class pet worms!

We are authors! We have been learning to plan a story, using success criteria and experimenting with vocabulary to engage the reader.

Practical Maths - learning new concepts using practical equipment

Collective Worship celebrating our homes and families

Healthy Body, Healthy mind - learning relaxation techniques

ear 3 Wow science - Asking questions and finding possible ways to answer them. So much excitement! Why are the cans floating at different levels? Why does the pop explode? How high can we make the cap of a film canister fly and why does it happen? These are just some of the questions the super scientists in Y3 asked before suggesting ways we could find the answers!

TT Rockstarz day

Music Lessons with Fran. Getting ready to perform!

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