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Our Learning Journey in Year 5

On this page we will share our learning and the all the great things we get up to in Year Five. Come with us on our learning journey!

Safety Central

As part of school's week on Health and Safety, in January we visited Safety Central in Lymm where we spent the whole day learning about lots of different ways in which we can keep ourselves and others safe. It was a great day and we really enjoyed it, check out some of the photographs we took below.

St Bridget's Day

Thursday 1st February was St Bridget's Day. We celebrated by going to Mass in the morning and completing some activities on St Bridget in class. Have a look at some of our work below!

Multiplication Masterminds!

During our learning on written multiplication, some children had a go at solving the problem of a column multiplication question with nearly all it's digits missing!

Congratulations to Leila and Korey who worked together to solve the puzzle and place all the digits in the correct place!


Mayan Masks

This week we have been researching The Day of the Dead, and we have had a go at designing our own Mayan style masks!


Greater Depth Maths Workshop

Also this week, some of Year 5 took part in a maths workshop all about Ratio. As well as pupils from St Bridget's, the workshop was attended by children from other schools. Some of the challenges were quite tricky but everyone had fun trying to solve them. Check out the photos below!


This week we are taking part in Rock Kidz sessions in preparation for the Rock Kidz Concert on Thursday 15th February. What a way to start the week!


World Book Day 2018


We began our World Book Day celebrations with a visit from Curtis Jobling, the author of Frankenstein's Cat and the Wereworld Series. Curtis spoke to us about his job as a famous author and how he writes his books. 


We have had a great World Book Day! We enjoyed seeing everybody's favourite colour costumes and started the day with an assembly that taught us how all colours are equally important, just like us! 


Computing at University Academy - Wednesday 21st March

On Wednesday 21st March, Year Five spent the morning at University Academy with Mr Moore. We were learning all about coding using microbits. We programmed our microbits to display pictures, messages using different methods like shaking or pressing puttons. Check out the photographs from our morning below!


Drama at University Academy - Wednesday 21st March

Year Five enjoyed another visit to University Academy High School to take part in a Drama Workshop involving lots of different dramatic techniques. We enjoyed activities including Chinese Whispers, Freeze Framing, Fruit Bowl and 3,2,1, Go! These games helped us with communication, moevement, listening and improvisation skills. 


French Day - Friday 13th April 2018


Today in Year Five we have enjoyed a day of French activities. We have used our Geography skills using the atlas to study the places in and around France and we have focussed on some famous landmarks of Paris to produce 'Come to France' posters. Included in our posters are persuasive writing, maps and sketches of a famous sightseeing spot. Check out the photographs and examples of our posters!

Some of our finished posters...


Medley Music Melodies Concert Rehearsals

Year Five are busy practising for the Concert in which they are performing on Thursday 24th May at St Oswald's Church. Tickets are £4 for adults and £1 for children, available on the door. For futher information please see Mr Calderbank or Mr King in class. We can't wait!


Science - Animals Including Humans

This week Year 5 have been investigating the process of metamorphosis. Using clues hidden around the classroom, they have learnt about the changes that some creatures go through such as a butterfly, a dragnfly and a frog. Ask them all about it and look at them in action in the pictures below!


Geography - North America Trip

To celebrate the learning of our Geography topic on the continent of North America, Year Five spent the day taking part in some specially themed activities in honour of the 4th of July being Independence Day in the USA. Following a day of activities in the classroom, including Reading and Art, we then spent the day participating in some 4th of July lesiure activities. We went to the movies, ate burgers and fries and tried for a strike in a game of Ten Pin Bowling. Have a look at how some of us got on below!

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