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Welcome to Year Five!

Our Class

Welcome to Year 5's class page. Below is an overview of what we have planned for this term, as well as important dates coming up. You can also check out our Learning Journey page here, which is full of activities and photographs of what we get up to when we are in school! 

Up-coming events

  • Monday 22nd January - Year 5 trip to Cheshire Fire and Rescue service


Year five will be reading ‘’Clockwork” by Philip Pullman. We will use this as the basis for our reading and writing. In reading, we will look at how the author establishes character and describes settings. We will also discuss the themes of the book and how the different parts of the story fit together. We will use the writing techniques we have seen in our reading to write our own stories and re-tell parts of the book. We will also do some drama activities and act out parts of the story. In addition to this we will look at non-fiction books based on our science and history topic


In Maths the children will continue to look at the four mathematical operations – adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. We will practise this regularly so that children are confident with these basic mathematical skills. We will also look at finding area and perimeter of shapes. A very important part of our maths learning this term will be fractions, decimals and percentages.


Pupils will investigate the Ancient Maya people. We will look at where they lived, their beliefs, their artwork and their way of life. We will compare these to our way of life but also to what was happening in Britain at that time. We will research the Spanish invasion of the Maya people and how it affected them.


In Science our topic is ‘Earth and Space’. We will look at the planets in the solar system and of course invent our own ways of remembering them. We will also look at the phases of the moon to understand why it appears to change shape. As well as this, we will be answering questions such as why we have night and day and the seasons.

Come and See

Our topic for Come and see this term is ‘Mission’. We will be looking at what makes each of us special and the skills and responsibilities we have. We will be looking at the teachings in the Bible and discussing how we can live these messages in our daily life.

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