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Weaver Hall

For our Topic, we visited Weaver Hall to learn all about the Anglo-Saxons. While we were there, we met Olaf the resident Anglo-Saxon. We found out how his ancestors were invaded and about village life including farming, hunting and crafts.

We worked as archaeologists to discover what a burial can tell us about Anglo-Saxon art and culture.


Which Way Now?

The Which Way Now? Project is a 4 week programme which offers Year 5 the opportunity to develop their team work skills, leadership skills, communication skills and cooperation skills.

Through outdoor and adventurous activities, these skills help to play a major part within a balanced curriculum.


Important information

Please remember to have your child's PE kit in school every day. White T-shirt, black shorts and black pumps.

Please try to read every day with your child. Spelling are given out on  Monday ready to be tested on Friday.

Hot dinner is £2.30 daily. Toast and juice is £2.50 for the week and is to be paid on Mondays. Any mony being brought to school needs to be in a named envelop please.

Lest We Forget

Remembering our Heroes.


Our class Amaryllis

We hope you have noticed our class flowers that the children have grown on their tables. As part of a circle time exercise, we were looking at how different we can be and how through lots of nurturing, we can grow to be very special. I think you will agree that they have looked after them very  well!


Topic assembly

We have based our class assembly on the Vikings from our topic work and in Come and See we have been learning about Belonging.

Through responsibility and fidelity, we are able to make links to show how feelings and beliefs affect our own quality of care and commitment towards each other.

With the Vikings, we used balancing scales to show if they were Ruthless Raiders or Important Pioneers. It showed that there was in fact a balance of both!

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