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Our Class

Welcome to Year 5's class page. Below is an overview of what we have planned for this term, as well as important dates coming up. You can also check out our Learning Journey page here, which is full of activities and photographs of what we get up to when we are in school! 

Up-coming events

  • Friday 18th May - Y5 Class Assembly
  • Thursday 24th May - Music Melodies Concert at St Oswald's
  • Saturday 23rd June - Padgate Walking Day


Year five will be reading ‘Wonder” by R.J Palacio. This book has been made more famous by a recent film and is all about a boy’s struggle to fit in and the friendships he makes. Based in this book we will be exploring the characters and making inferences about them, looking at their motives for behaving the way that they do. We will also be basing our writing around this text for example producing diary entries exploring the character’s thoughts and feelings. Later in the term we will also look at the story, “Qeeen of the Falls” based on our topic.


In Maths the children will continue to look at the four mathematical operations – adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. We will practise this regularly so that children are confident with these basic mathematical skills. We will also be doing a work on decimal numbers, linking this to their knowledge of fractions. Later in the term, we will look at shape and geometry.


We will be looking in detail at the continent of North America. This will involve map work to locate countries and cities as well as other natural and man-made features of that continent. We will also be doing case studies about different environments from mountains to coastal regions and arctic tundra to deserts.


In Science our first topic is ‘Animals including Humans’ where children will learn about lifecycles of different creatures. We will also be looking at ‘Forces’, exploring gravity, air resistance and various other forces we encounter. We will continue to plan and conduct a range of tests during our science lessons this term.

Come and See

Our topic for Come and see this term is ‘Transformation’, where we will be looking at the story of Pentecost. Later, we will move on to exploring the ideas of freedom and responsibility. We will be looking at the teachings in the Bible and discussing how we can live these messages in our daily life.

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