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Welcome to Year Five!

Our Class

Welcome to Year 5's class page. On here you can find out what we have been doing in class, see pictures and find out about any up-coming events. 

Up-coming events

  • Thursday 12th October, Weaver Hall class trip. Could children return the reply slip as soon as possible. There is a £12.50 voluntary payment for the trip.
  • Monday 6th and Wednesday 8th November 2017: Parents Evening.
  • Friday 24th November - Year 5 class assembly


Year five are currently reading the book ‘’Beowulf’. This is one of the oldest stories in the English language, dating back to the time of the Anglo-Saxons. We will be using the stories as an inspiration for some of our own writing. We will be looking at how the author has built up a sense of atmosphere and will be writing some of our own setting descriptions. We will then look at some diary writing linked to our topic of the Anglo-Saxons, imagining what life was like for the people of England when the Vikings launched their attacks. We will also take part in some writing activities linked to famous Anglo-Saxons burials such as the one at Sutton-Hoo.


In Maths the children have been focusing on place value. This is all about understanding numbers and being able to read them, order them and round them. We will be using equipment in maths lessons to help children gain a concrete understanding of number and place value. We will then apply what we know to help us perform calculations using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Children will then be able to put their skills to the test through a range of problem solving activities. It is really important that children have a good understanding and knowledge of times tables so we will also have regular tests in class.


Pupils will investigate whether the Anglo-Saxon times were really ‘the dark ages’? We will look at their way of life, comparing it to the Romans who lived here before them. We will look at their art and religion as well as famous leaders such as Alfred the Great. After half-term, we will move on to look at the Vikings who came to Britain later and their conflicts with the Anglo-Saxons living here.


In Science our topic is ‘properties and changes in materials’. We will be looking at Identifying and describing materials and their properties, identifying thermal and electrical conductors and insulators and looking at materials that are soluble or insoluble in water. We will plan, conduct and evaluate experiments throughout the topic.

Come and See

Our topic for Come and see this term is ‘ourselves’. We will be looking at what makes each of us special and the skills and responsibilities we have. We will be looking at the teachings in the Bible and discussing how we can live these messages in our daily life.