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Super Science in Year 4

States of Matter


During the first half term,Year 4 will be investigating States of Matter and becoming real scientists! Have a look at all the fun they have been having with science!


Electricity News!!

Year 4 produced their own news bulletins about the types of fuel sources that provide us with electricity and other interesting facts. Take a look!!




Year 4 made their own electrical circuits and found out what was needed to make a complete circuit!!



Animals and their habitats

This half term, Year 4 are looking at 'Animals and their habitats'. The children took part in a 'minibeast hunt' to try and find different animals in their different habitats. We discussed vertebrates and invertebrates and the groups in which the minibeasts would belong to. Because the weather was cold and damp, we knew that we would find different types of mininbeasts than we would if the weather was hot and dry.



The Digestive System

Year 4 made a working model of the digestive system using various objects and food stuffs you could find in the home. It was great fun but messy!!!

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