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Summer Learning Journey

Roc-On Experience

Year 3 visited St Rocco's over a 4 week period, they learnt about making every moment count and inclusivity. An amazing experience for all!

DT - Mechanisms

The children made wind powered water removal systems to save my flooded garden! They had to find ways of combining materials to make waterproof containers, discover which shape would make the best container and find ways of powering their machines without electricity. The children worked in teams to research and practise skills before making their prototype.

DT - Super Sandwiches

Not every school has fantastic school dinners like us! Some have soggy horrible sandwiches - can Year 3 help solve this problem? This led Year 3 to learn about helthy food, the food triangle, different food groups and complete market research in order to find the healthiest sandwiches for school dinners. Then they planned and made their sandwiches remembering the importance of presentation making them appealing for their target audience. Finally, Year 3 evaluated their end producted, after eating them of course!

Famous artists

Writing in Year 3 - Using drama as inspiration

ERIC time - Everybody Reads In Class

Music from Medley Music

Magnificent Maths

Seize the day - Morning busy books revising all areas of Maths and English

morning work

Sentence stacking

sentence stacking
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