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Autumn Learning Journey

Welcome to our online learning journey. 

Here you will find snapshots of our time in  Year 3, experiences, practial work and celebrations

Practical Maths

In Year 3 we use a range of practical equipment to explore mathematical concepts. 

We explore concepts by:

1. Make it - concrete representations of mathematical concepts

2. Draw it - pictorial representations of mathematical concepts

3. Say it -vocabulary linked to the concepts

4. Write it - abstract written calculations 

UAW Dance workshop

The children thoroughly enjoyed their dance workshop working as a team and creating their own choreography as well as learning new steps from the Dance teacher at UAW. The children really enjoyed watching their own performance on the TV… we have quite a few good damcers in the class! They were very well behaved whilst they were there – well done Year 3. 

UAW DT Control workshop

Year 3 spent another morning at UAW! This time they were working on hydraulic systems and makeing a range of moving models from card using a wide range of techniques. We even used different grades of sand paper and glue guns. The staff at UAW were very impressed with our skills!

Come and See - using different media to discover religions of the world

We have explored Judaism and Hinduism as part of our Come and See work comparing and contrasting with our own religions. The children were most respectful throughout!

History Skills - Identifying achievements of the Stone Age through secondary resources

We used a range of secondary sources (iPad, books etc) to investigate what the people of the  Stone Age achieved and how it has benefitted us today. We had to double check our information to ensure our sources are reliable.

Pre-Historic Man Workshop

Children took part in many practical activities acting as archaeologists and making discoveries about the Stone Age. They were able to handle artefacts some of which were thousands of years’ old.

Wow Science

Fun science that makes us ask questions!

MFL - A sample of our french work


Circle time - time to talk about us!

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