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Year One Rejoice Assembly

Our Rejoice Assembly was all about 'Change'. We are incredibly proud of how the children have 'changed' into confident and inspiring young people during their time at St Bridget's. Thank you for sharing and celebrating our learning with us! 


Trip Down Memory Lane...

Year One visited Warrington Museum to find out about toys from the past. They had so much fun exploring and playing with different toys that their grandparents and great gradparents would have played with when they were younger. 

Measuring in Maths

Year One have been learning all about meauring length. The children have been collecting objects around the classroom to measure using multilink cubes. They compared lots of different lengths and even began using a ruler to make their measurements more accurate.


We have been learning about the Seasons! During our class circle time, the children discussed what their favourite season was and what they liked the most about it. The children then created a collage using a variety of different materials to explore their favourite season.

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