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Year One had lots of fun exploring their different senses as part of our Science topic 'Animals Including Humans'. The children put their senses to the test by trying to identify the different smells,tastes and sounds. 

Outdoor Learning


This term, the children have been learning about the different ways of making 10. Working in partners, children were challenged to find ALL the different ways of making 10 using two numbers. They investigated using coloured counters, numicon and a ladybird frame. I was very impressed with the team work the children displayed during this task! 


As part of our 'Naughty Bus' topic, children were very excited to learn that they would be designing and making their own Naughty Bus. Year One were provided with wheels, axles and chassis in order to make a bus that could move. Lots of time and effort went into their designs and the children made some fantastic vehicles!!

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