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Welcome to Year 1!

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Welcome  to Year 1! smiley

Our Class Teachers are Mrs Gleave and Miss Campbell and our Teaching Assistants are

Mrs Matthews and Miss Riley.


Here is what the children can look forward to this Summer Term!


In English we will be studying the text “The Black Hat.” It is a video text and the children will be using their senses to describe what it is like in a forest. They will write descriptions of the characters and consider what would happen when they find their own magic object in the woods. There will be lots of opportunity for outdoor learning to see our Literacy in action!


In Maths the children will be learning about making equal groups of 2, 5 and 10 and arranging them into arrays as an introduction to times tables. They will look at doubling and use their reasoning skills to explore errors in calculations and explain how they would solve the problem. They will learn how to divide evenly.

They will explore length and height, weight and capacity.

Come and See

We will be learning about Holy Days and Holidays. They will be learning that holidays are days to enjoy and that a Holy Day is a celebration.

History and Geography

In Geography, the children will explore the features of towns and countryside and will look closely at the Woodlands. They will use maps and aerial images to examine the area and label it with map keys. The children will look at the features of a rainforest and consider why it is different.


Year One’s topic this term in Science is Seasons. They will look at how the seasons change and observe the differences in climate, growth and what changes take place in the world around us.

They will keep a daily weather chart that they will be responsible for changing every day and maybe even more than once!


Year One’s topic this term is Our Local Area. It uses investigative tasks to introduce children to the idea of looking at their local area with the aid of technology


The children will be looking at Rainforest patterns and recreating their own using the bright, tropical colours that we find in the rain forest.


The children will continue with their weekly music lesson with Fran, our specialist music teacher.


The children will have a weekly P.E. lesson with their Premier Sports coach, Miss Garner focusing on dance and gymnastics.

Here's what the children can look forward to learning in the forthcoming Spring term.

Image result for rooster wears skinny jeans


In English we will be studying the text, ‘Rooster Wore Skinny Jeans’ which explores the story of Rooster, who buys some skinny jeans online, but does not get the reaction he was expecting from the rest of the farm animals! The children will incorporate a range of genres into their study, including a setting description, a letter and a narrative as well as focusing on sentence level grammar. 


In Maths the children will be continuing to practise number bonds to ten and using their knowledge to create number bonds to twenty.

They will add and subtract two one digit numbers within ten and twenty and use this to solve problems and deepen their understanding of number.

They will explore length and height later on in the term.

Come and See

We will be learning about our Local Church and the Special People who contribute to the running of the church, including the congregation.

History and Geography

In History and Geography, the children will explore the local area around our school, including the shops. We will then take a look at how shops have changed through time, including the introduction of online shopping in more recent years.


Year One’s topic this term in Science is Materials. They will take a closer look at the objects we use in everyday life and familiarise themselves with the different types of materials they are made from. They will carry out group investigations and learn how to sort groups of objects into different categories based on their properties. 


Year One’s topic this term is Walking with Dinosaurs.

They will learn online safety, sequencing and have an introduction to algorithms.


As part of their work for the PAN exhibit the children will explore the painting ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch. Discuss what the figure in the painting could be feeling and why. What could he have seen? 


The children will continue with their weekly music lesson with Fran, our specialist music teacher.


The children will have a weekly P.E. lesson with their Premier Sports coach, Miss Garner focusing on dance and gymnastics.

World Book Day

For World Book Day, we looked at the story 'The Day the Crayons Quit'. We came into class to find that all our crayons had quit! They were hanging from the roof and left messages for us telling us why they had quit. They even got in the way of us doing our work! We wrote letters about which colour was our favourite and thought of ways to please them.

Happy St Bridget's Day!

We celebrated St Bridget's Day by gathering with our parish family in church. Oliver, Emilia and Fatima carried up the gifts as part of the Offertory. 

In class we looked at the story of St Bridget's cloak and made our own St Bridget's crosses. The children were very patient. We were very proud of Mrs Matthews, who after all her years in our school made a cross all on her own!

Mathematics- Place Value

We have been finding how many groups of then there are in numbers up to 50 and representing numbers up to 100.

Some things to remember...

PE – Monday and Tuesday afternoon – please can children have full kits in school. White t-shirts, black shorts and black pumps; earrings are not allowed to be worn for P.E. Please ensure that every item of your child’s clothing has their name on it, to avoid any confusion on P.E. days.


Spellings will be sent home on a Monday to practice and spelling tests take place on Friday.


Homework will alternate between Maths and English each week. Homework books will be given out on a Friday and are to be returned on Tuesday. Please ensure any sheets are stuck in and complete all homework in pencil.


Reading is an ongoing task and you should aim to read with your child at least 5 times every week. Pleasure ensure your child’s reading book and record is sent into school regularly to be checked. Reading books will be changed every Friday and more frequent if required. 

Some Useful Websites

Here are some useful Phonics websites for your family to enjoy at home. They can really help with your learning!


Year One's favourite! smiley




Lots of information and guidance for parents/carers.



a great selection of games that link well with games in Letters and Sounds.







 Useful page which demonstrates pronunciation of all sounds.




Phonics Check

Please find below links to the materials from previous Phonics Checks as requested at our parents' meeting. smiley

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