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Hate Crime Champions

We are the St Bridget's Hate Crime Champions! Our job is to make our school a happier place and make sure everyone is safe from bullying on the playground. 

We make sure everyone feels included and has fun. We have been trained to take the appropriate steps to help combat bullying or unfriendly behaviour in our school. If you witness or think you are being bullied, please inform a Hate Crime Champion and we will help you to sort it out by speaking to an adult. 

You can spot us easily by looking for the Hate Crime Champion badges on our jumpers. Read our rap below to find out more about the work we do!

Meet your new Hate Crime Champions

We have recruited new Hate Crime Champions to our team. We interviewed them and they told us about how they will make a difference to St Bridget's. 


The Hate Crime Champion Rap

We wrote this rap together as a team to get our messages across to our peers.


Yo! We're the Hate Crime Champion Crew,

In the field, looking out for you.

So, if you see anyone doing wrong

Don't just stand there- Help us along!

Tell an adult, tell a friend,

Tell a H.C.C and we'll defend.

Don't hurt that pupil- They're in our school.

Don't go acting like a fool.

You need to think, what's in your head?

One of those devils dressed in red.

Choose the right path and be on your way

And make tomorrow a better day.

Black, white, whatever colour,

English, Polish or any other.

Catholic, Muslim, Hindu or Jew,

We're all people- Just like you.

Welcome to the St. Bridget's crew.

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